2018 Exhibitor Kit

2018 Denver Pet Expo

Exhibitor Kit


1. Important Contacts

AMAZING PET EXPOS™ (Producers of the 2018 Denver Pet Expo™)

Toll-Free: 800-977-3609

Email: Email:


HAVE QUESTIONS about your exhibitor space, load-in/move-out or anything else related to your participation in the Denver Pet Expo? Here are some key contacts:


BRITTNEY EVANS (booth reservations & client accounts/registration)

Vice President of Client Accounts


Direct: 800-977-3609


ETHAN BARNETT (logistics, event management, show production, day of show resigns, sponsorships)

Vice President of Event Management


Direct: 314-667-4703


SAVANNAH RILENGE (vendor questions, social media, website management, etc.)

Exhibitor Advocate and Event Coordinator


Direct: 314-667-4781


Please note: All guidelines as outlined in the Pet Event Professionals signed Terms and Conditions (T&C) remain in effect and this Exhibitor Kit serves as a complement to those policies. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like a copy of the T&C or if we can answer any questions related to your contract details or standard company policies.



National Western Complex

4655 Humboldt St,

Denver CO 80216

Phone: 303-297-1166

One Complex. Endless Possibilities. The National Western Complex is the perfect venue for any occasion! They have the unique ability to accommodate parties as small as 50 or as large as 10,000+. Their team of in-house professionals assist in comprehensive planning and seamless event execution.


Exhibit Hall: Expo Hall and Hall of Education

Dimensions:72,000 Square feet

Freight door: (Three sets) Door 1 are 15’7” (H) x 16’ (W),   Door 15 are 15’7” (H) x 16’ (W), Door 2, which is 14’ (H) x 16’ (W).

Ceiling Height: 14 feet and 8 inches in Exhibit Space, 13 feet in Hall of Education  

2.3. ATM

The ATM is located in the North Lobby, take the stairs or the elevator and the ATM will be located in the Expo Hall



Dynamic Events of Denver
Daniel Rieke
(720) 203-7421 cell
(720) 432-8801 office
(720) 210-5471 fax


If you are shipping to the venue, you must send your items for delivery the week of the event.  Packages arriving prior to the week of the event will not be accepted as the venue has limited storage.


To ship items to the venue please send to the following address:

National Western Complex

Attn: Denver Pet Expo

Exhibitor Name/Booth #

4655 Humboldt Street

Denver, CO 80216

There is no additional fee to ship items to the venue directly.


Inserts and Handouts can be shipped to the venue the week of the event or to the host hotel of the Denver Pet Expo.  If shipping items to the hotel please ensure they are delivered on Thursday, August 16, 2018 or on Friday, August 17, 2018.  Any items being shipped to the venue must be delivered the week of the event. Any items sent prior to the week of the event may be returned to the sender.


To ship items to the venue please send to the following address:

National Western Complex

Attn: Denver Pet Expo

Exhibitor Name/Booth #

4655 Humboldt Street

Denver, CO 80216


To ship items to the host hotel:


Red Roof Inn is the Official Hotel of the Denver Pet Expo.  As a national hotel partner, Red Roof Inn offers a 15% off discount code, valid at over 500 locations nationwide.

Red Roof Nation Hotel Flyer

Book online at or call 1-800-RED-ROOF (1-800-733-7663) and use VP#621995 to book your stay.

*Some black-out dates may apply. May not be combined with other discounts or offers. Subject to availability at participating properties.


Denver, as a "Home Rule City," collects and administers its own taxes. All exhibitors participating in an event in Denver County are required to either have a current Denver Sales Tax License or pre-register for each event with the application (see link below) before attending the special event.


Please note that even if you filed the form(s) in previous years when the event was at the Denver Mart, you are required to file it again because we’re now located at the National Western Complex and these taxes are both location and county specific.


If you plan to make any retail sales at the pet expo, a Denver Special Event Sales Tax License is required. The Special Event License fee is $5.00. If you’re already a regularly licensed Denver vendor with a current Denver sales tax license, no additional license or fee is required; you should just include any sales made at the pet expo in your regular sales tax return this tax period.


Please complete the application/registration form below and submit it, along with the required $5.00 license fee, at your earliest convenience. You should use the included sales tax return to report and remit the sales tax you collected at the event on or before 09-20-2018.  


Prior to sending your sales tax return, please call 720-913-9446 to obtain your assigned sales tax account number.  If you have already submitted special event sales tax returns and know your account number, be sure to include it on all of your forms (application and tax return).


Please visit the link below to access the application:


If you’re having a difficult time accessing the application using the link above, please contact a City and County of Denver Tax Revenue Agent for your questions regarding taxability or tax procedures; they can be reached at 720-913-9446.



  • A standard exhibitor space includes:

  • 1 (one) 10’ wide and 10’ deep booth structure (for standard booths)

  • 1 (one) flame-retardant 8’ back drape and 3’ side dividers

  • 1 (one) 6’ or 8’ draped and skirted table depending on the decorator

  • 2 (two) folding side chairs

  • 1 (one) wastebasket

For additional booth needs please contact the Decorator directly.

7.2. Exhibitor Check-in Handouts/Reminders

Exhibitor handouts include:

  • Last Minute Reminders

  • Exhibitor Map

  • Pet Parade Form & Information

  • PA Form

  • Rescue Waiver

  • Personal Pet Waiver


PLEASE NOTE: We will not have dollies for loan. The National Western Complex is a large facility so if you have a lot of items to unload, please bring your own dolly or cart for loading and unloading.

7.3.1. Helium

Helium in ANY form is prohibited at the event - this includes helium tanks and balloons. This is a safety issue, in addition to the fact that we will be charged a large fine (which we’d have to pass along to you) for any helium balloons that have to be retrieved from areas, etc.

7.3.2. Show Program

The show program includes all the exhibitor names and locations, a map of the show floor, as well as the full schedule of events and activities at the event. You may receive copies prior to the show opening; please feel free to ask a member of our events team if you’d like additional copies.

7.3.3. Check In

If you have not arrived and checked in with event management by 10:30 AM on Saturday or 11:30 AM on Sunday, your booth space may be subject to forfeit for a variety of reasons.  Please notify a staff member prior to the event if you are unable to make it by those times listed for Saturday and/or Sunday. Please note: Once we have removed a forfeited booth from the floor plan we will be unable to reconfigure any booth space and you will be placed in an open booth space if available.

7.3.4. Official Service Providers

Nail trimming, low-cost vaccinations, and microchipping on-site may only be performed by the official sponsors of those services. If you are not the official sponsor of a publicly-advertised sponsored service, you may not provide that service at the event. If you have any questions about what these services include or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of our events team.


The information contained in this outline does not by any means thoroughly cover the criterion and standards contained in the Uniform Fire Code, as adopted by the City of Denver. It does usually provide the fundamental rules governing Life Safety in buildings open to the public. The following entities are responsible for ensuring all regulations are followed; facility client, exhibitor, service contractors and the National Western Complex. It is a requirement that the Denver Fire Department review and approve all event pre-planning documents and floor plans. Remember, the fire codes for Denver may be different from other cities. Exhibitors remain responsible for complying with the Uniform Fire Code. National Western Complex  will take reasonable steps to ensure that you are allowed to display your products effectively, as long as it does not create a fire or life safety hazard to yourself, other exhibitors, people attending the event, or the facility. The NWC is regularly inspected by the Fire Marshal and fire regulations will be strictly enforced.


1. Exhibit layout plans must be submitted to the NWC’s Event Team and to the City of Denver Fire Marshal for approval prior to distribution of printed floor plans to exhibitors, and sale of booths. Event Managers will coordinate approval. Floor plans must provide adequate aisle space and must not prevent access to fire exits, fire hose cabinets, fire alarm pull stations or concession stands. Displays shall not reduce the passageway to the main entrance. Floor plans must be submitted for approval no later than thirty (30) days prior to loading. Any revision to an approved floor plan must be marked and re-submitted to the Event Manager for approval of the Fire Marshal.


2. Any booth of 750 square feet or more must have a minimum of two exits as far from each other as possible.


3. Displays with any type of cover, i.e., tents, buildings, awnings, etc. must be 100 square feet or less; if larger than 100 square feet they must meet the following regulations: a. A single level or multi-level exhibit larger than 100 square feet with a covered ceiling requires protection from an automatic extinguishing system. b. The upper deck of the multi-level exhibit must have at least two remote means of egress (as far from each other as possible).


4. Electrical equipment is to be installed, operated and maintained in a manner which does not create a hazard to life or property. All equipment must be UL approved.  Two prong outlets and cords are not permitted at National Western Complex.


5. The following items may not be used without prior written approval of the Fire Marshal's Office: a. Display or storage of liquid, propane, gas (LPG) b. Flammable or combustible liquids c. Flammable gas d. Cotton, hay, paper, straw, moss, split bamboo, wood chips, etc. e. Welding or cutting equipment for demonstration purposes f. Gas-fired appliances for demonstration purposes g. Salamander heaters h. Lit candles or lanterns for demonstration purposes i. Compressed gas cylinders. If approved for use, cylinders are to be firmly secured in an upright position


6. Display of automobile/motor vehicles and other motorized equipment:


a. There is to be no more than five gallons of fuel or 1/4 the capacity of the fuel tank, whichever is less.


b. Fuel tanks are locked and all portable tanks removed. Locking the doors will be sufficient for cars in which the gas cap cover can only be unlatched from inside.


c. Battery cables are to be disconnected. Batteries used to power auxiliary equipment shall be permitted to be kept in service providing an appropriate disconnect is furnished.


d. Ignition keys are to be removed and placed in a central location on site.


e. The positioning of vehicles shall be subject to approval of the Fire Marshal's Office.


f. Vehicle operation will be limited to brief parade-type displays specifically approved by the Fire Marshal's Office.


g. Vehicles, boats and similar exhibited products having over 100 square feet of roofed area are to have a working smoke detector.


h. Re-fueling or removal of fuel from vehicles on the premises is prohibited.


i. Appropriate protection must be placed under the vehicle to protect the carpet/floor in the event of fluid leaks.


CANDLES: Lit candles and other open flame devices are not permitted in exhibit booths. Lit candles may be used at special events such as banquets only under the following conditions:


1. Open flame is not allowed, except in compliant containers.


2. Candles must have a solid base and flames must be enclosed. Qualified votive candles in approved containers and “hurricane lamp” candles are examples of acceptable candles. Candles of this nature must meet criteria in section 6 below.


3. Candles must be placed on tables or other stable surfaces.


4. Samples of all candles proposed for use must be submitted in advance to the Event Manager for approval.


5. Tapered candles, candelabras, votives hanging from décor are examples of candles that are not permitted.


6. Candle containers must be constructed to do the following: a. not spill wax at more than .25 teaspoon per minute when tipped over b. return to upright position if tilted to 45 degrees or be self-extinguishing c. enclose the flame around all sides with a top that is high enough for a piece of tissue paper over it to not ignite within ten (10) seconds


7. All containers should be placed well away from table decorations, drapes and any other potentially combustible materials.


8. Candles shall be prohibited in areas where occupants stand or near an aisle or exit.


9. Shades, where used, shall be made of noncombustible materials and securely attached to the open-flame device holder or chimney.



1. Flame torches are not permitted.

2. Open-flame decorative devices shall comply with above-referenced Candles policy 6a-c.

3. Class I and Class II liquids and LP-gas shall not be used.

4. Open flames from lanterns, kerosene heaters, and gas-fired heaters are prohibited.

5. When in the opinion of the Denver Fire Marshal, adequate safeguards have been taken; participants in ceremonies are allowed to carry hand-held items (i.e. candlelight services, unity candles).

6. Fog/smoke machine usage is restricted to water-based chemicals. Written approval must be obtained from the Event Manager.


10.1. FRIDAY, August 17, 2018

11:00AM to 7:00PM

10.1.1. LOAD-IN/OUT

Exhibitors located in the Expo Hall will enter through Gate 1, and can enter Door 1 during allotted set up times.  You will be able to drive into the venue to unload via the service ramp accessed through Gate 1. Exhibitors located in the Hall of Education will use Door 15, which is located on the northwest end of the building. It is shown on the map that is attached (NWC Level 2). Door 2 will be used as an exit.


Exhibitors can purchase a 2-day parking pass for $10 at Gate 1 during set up on Friday or on either show days.  Parking passes will permit you to park in Lot K. All exhibitors will park in Lot K. Exhibitors will have in and out privileges throughout the weekend with their pass displayed in the vehicle.

10.1.2. IMPORTANT:

Please make sure you check-in with our events team prior to setting up! It's important that we confirm accurate information, review any last-minute details or needs, provide you with parking passes, answer additional questions, and direct you to your exact booth location. The check-in area is located inside near the roll up door.


*All exhibitor areas must be completely set up and ready by 7:00PM on Friday, August 17, 2018. If you're unable to load-in prior to this time, please contact us so that we can accommodate your needs. We’re happy to do anything we can to ensure you have a wonderful event.

10.2. SATURDAY, August 18, 2018


8:00 AM to 9:30 AM (PLEASE NOTE: Exhibitors will be unable to enter the National Western Complex prior to 8:00 AM.)

10.2.2. SHOW HOURS

10:00AM to 5:00PM

10.2.3. IMPORTANT:

Exhibitors who DO NOT set up on Friday, need to arrive at the venue between 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM to set up.  The show opens to the public at 10 AM sharp. Please check-in at the check-in desk which, will remain set-up until 9:40AM on Saturday. Exhibitors who need check-in assistance after 9:40AM are invited to flag down a member of our events team (in clearly-identifiable red polo shirts) or to visit us at the Information Booth near the main entrance.


EXHIBITORS who do not set up on Friday will NOT be allowed to drive in the venue to unload on Saturday AM.   If you are setting up on Friday AM, you will need to park your vehicle in Lot K and unload and use the elevators on the main floor lobby to access the expo hall or hall of education on the second floor of the venue. The check-in desk on Saturday will be located at the Main Information Booth near the South Lobby entrance to the Expo Hall.


This is a two-day event with overnight security in the building; exhibitors aren’t required to break down their booths or remove any materials on Saturday.

10.3. SUNDAY, August 19, 2018


10:00AM to 11:00AM (PLEASE NOTE: Exhibitors will be unable to enter the NWC prior to 10:00AM.)

10.3.2. SHOW HOURS

11:00AM to 4:00PM


4:00PM to 8:00PM

Move-out will begin at 4:00 pm and once 80% of the public is out of the building.  All exhibitors are required to remove their items from the venue on Sunday and must be moved-out by 8:00PM unless other arrangements have been made with our events team.  You may also cart your items to your vehicles via the main entrance door.



According to the DOJ, service animals are an extension of the person who has a disability and, as such, are not seen as animals *or* pets.


Strictly speaking, in the State of Colorado, “service animals” are defined as dogs, or miniature horses, who are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. However, we, as Pet Event Professionals, recognize any animal as a “service animal” who is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities and welcome them into all of our events.


A service animal is viewed as an extension of their handler, as such, our typical animal procedures and policies do not apply to service animals; those attending with a service animal will not need to complete a pet waiver or provide proof of immunizations.


However, under ADA guidelines, service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. In that case, the service animal’s owner must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal or other effective controls.


Please note that we prohibit the retail sale of any items related to service animal certification documents, service animal identification (ID) cards, service animal vests or any other service animal-designating or identifying item. This policy is strictly enforced and there are no exceptions.


Federal law states that purchasing service animal ID items for any animal that has not been trained by a professional service animal trainer or knowingly identifying a personal pet as a service animal is criminal; the penalties can range from a small fine to thousands of dollars and from a few days in jail up to a year or more in prison, depending on how and where the offense is committed.


Since federal law and ADA guidelines prohibit us from requesting proof of any service animal’s certification, there is no way to legally verify (outside of a court of law) that a service animal is legitimately an animal trained to assist a person with a disability. As a result, there is no way to screen potential customers who might be legally able to purchase such items at one of our events. Thank you in advance for understanding.


Please note that there is a ban in place at the Salt Lake City Pet Expo against any type of *aversive training devices and/or methods. Pet trainers nor behaviorists (or any other type of exhibitor), may not sell or demonstrate pinch collars, bark collars, choke collars or electronic/remote/electric/shock collars at any time (this also includes Invisible Fence-type pet containment products). This includes providing informational materials for trainers or training services if these products or services are not the focus of your company or organization. i.e. an exhibitor may be a doggy daycare but offer training services occasionally. If the trainer associated with these services used aversive techniques, you may not advertise or promote those services at the event.


Any animals attending the event with an exhibitor, rescue or accompanying any volunteers working within an exhibitor booth are prohibited from wearing any aversive devices as well.


There are no exceptions to this policy and it is strictly enforced. If you have any questions about our stance on aversives, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide further information.


*Also known as avoidance training, aversive or aversion training is the act of associating a negative experience with an action you do not want an animal to perform. Aversion training methods often rely on fear, intimidation and/or surprise to enforce certain behaviors in a pet and can be mild or extreme.


Important: these guidelines refer to any pet(s) attending the event under your care and control - whether he/she is your personal pet companion or one who’s available for adoption.


As you may know, we always allow our exhibitors and the general public to bring pets to each of our events (with select stipulations). However, what you may *not* know is that a number of the venues where our events are held across the country make exceptions for us alone as a result of our strict pet guidelines and our six year track record of safety oversight, event team training, emergency procedures, vaccination/waiver requirements and veterinary-grade hygienic waste cleanup policies.


It’s this track record which has allowed us to facilitate more than 30,000 on-site pet adoptions at our events since 2009 (this doesn’t include applications for adoptions completed after the event or by non-profits which require home visits and reference checks); there are no words that could possibly express our gratitude to those who make adoptions like these possible and we’re incredibly proud to host our events in the communities we serve.


With that said, if you plan to bring any pet(s) to the event - whether he/she is your personal pet companion or one who’s available for adoption - we urge you to please make careful note of the rules and regulations below to ensure a smooth experience for us all.


Our guidelines, which are designed to maintain a safe environment for each and every person and pet, are what helps ensure our continuing ability to support the adoption efforts (and community outreach) which are so desperately needed by our participating non-profits.


We anticipate large crowds at this event - and by “large crowds,” we’re referring to both pets AND people. Please bring pets along only if they are well-behaved, non-aggressive and don’t get stressed-out in crowded, stimulating and noisy situations. At this event, there will be hundreds of other animals (including birds, reptiles and other pets which may excite or frighten another animal), small children who often move quickly and unpredictably, individuals in motorized wheelchairs and other people from all walks of life. Your pets will be exposed to dogs barking, people speaking loudly on microphones, crowds clapping and attendees cheering. You know your pet(s) best, so please use your best judgment to make sure that any animals in your care aren’t unduly stressed.


However, in the event that any of the pets in your care can get stressed or overwhelmed, we’ve set aside a private quiet area for exhibitor pets (both personal pets or adoptable animals) to decompress in a non-stimulating and quiet environment. Any member of our events team can direct you to this area (See map for reference). There are also pet potty areas and watering stations located throughout the event areas, both indoors and outside. Please note that there will a private pet potty area and watering station exclusively for exhibitor animals. (See map for reference)


In order for an exhibitor or non-profit to bring any animal to the event - whether he/she is your personal pet companion or one who’s available for adoption - we must be provided with the following:


1. A *PET WAIVER FORM SIGNED BY AN AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE of the exhibiting business, non-profit or organization who’s duly authorized to accept responsibility for any animals under the exhibitor’s care and control. In the case of a personal pet attending with an exhibitor, the pet waiver must be signed by the pet’s legal guardian.

* Any rescues or non-profits planning to bring multiple adoptable animals only need to complete one pet waiver form; simply provide us with a copy of your current adoption procedures, along with an itemized list of the animals attending the event and their individual images with records attached to the waiver.


2. A COPY OF EACH ANIMAL’S PROOF OF AGE-APPROPRIATE IMMUNIZATIONS TO INCLUDE A PHOTO of the associated pet attached to the signed waiver. By “age-appropriate,” we mean that we don’t expect that a 12-week-old puppy will have been vaccinated against rabies yet. In addition, we only require proof of immunizations for dogs, cats, cattle and horses; all other animal species (such as birds, reptiles, etc.) are exempt from our vaccination requirements.


We recognize that the issue of vaccinating healthy pets can be controversial to those who choose not to vaccinate; our requirements are dictated by the Department of Public Health (DPH) and our own insurance requirements - this is not intended to be a public statement for *or* against the immunization of pets or people. Core vaccines are commonly considered vital to all pets based on risk of exposure, severity of disease and/or transmissible to humans and it’s this fact that underscores our vaccine requirements.


FOR DOGS, we require documentation for these age-appropriate core vaccines: canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies. While we don’t require non-core vaccines such as those that protect against Bordetella bronchiseptica, Borrelia burgdorferi and Leptospira bacteria, we do urge all dogs who participate in any public activities with other dogs be vaccinated against Bordetella bronchiseptica, an extremely contagious respiratory infection commonly known as “kennel cough.” Of course, you should check with your veterinarian to confirm that this vaccine would be a good fit for your particular pet(s).


FOR CATS, we require documentation for these age-appropriate core vaccines: panleukopenia (feline distemper), feline calicivirus, feline herpesvirus type I (rhinotracheitis) and rabies. We don’t require that cats be vaccinated against the feline leukemia virus, Bordetella, Chlamydophila felis and feline immunodeficiency virus.


FOR CATTLE, we require that any female cattle over four months of age have proof of a Brucellosis vaccination.


FOR HORSES, we only require proof of age-appropriates rabies vaccines.


These required documents can be submitted prior to the event via email to Savannah Rilenge at If you haven’t submitted the required documentation in advance, exhibitors can provide their pet’s required paperwork at one of the check-in desks during load-in or at one of the information desks once the check-in desks have closed (see map for reference). PLEASE NOTE: Our insurer requires that we must keep a copy of all pet waivers and related paperwork on file for a minimum of one calendar year. So if you plan to provide us with physical copies during check-in, please be aware that we’ll be unable to return any document copies or photos after the event and we will not have the ability to make copies on-site.

In terms of what can be submitted as proof of current immunizations, we accept:

- a veterinarian-issued rabies certificate,- a city/county license application dated and signed by a veterinarian,

- a city/county license form dated and signed by a veterinarian,- a rabies tag which lists the current year (2017) with the city/county agency’s phone number,

- non-expired vial boxes or empty vials with intact labels and serial numbers (for those who self-vaccinate) with   proof of purchase,

- a veterinary receipt which itemizes a payment for immunizations and includes the pet’s name and basic description (i.e. male, black mixed breed, estimated DOB 4-1-2012),

- adoption paperwork which confirms an immunization date (only applicable for personal pets accompanying an exhibitor; a non-profit may not submit its own self-generated adoption paperwork),

- a legible Brucellosis vaccination tattoo (applies to cattle only),

- serological titer results issued from a veterinary clinic,

- a veterinarian-signed and dated application for rabies exemption with details, or

- a state-issued certificate of rabies exemption with details.


All veterinarians and veterinary clinics referenced here must have a current license to practice veterinary medicine/be in active practice, be in good standing with their local municipality and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and must be located within the United States or its Territories.


3. ADHERENCE TO THE RULES, REGULATIONS AND GUIDELINES DETAILED BELOW. We require pets coming from a shelter or other rescue environment - meaning those who are newly rescued with undocumented and unknown medical histories - to have been vaccinated and in the rescue’s care for more than 14 days prior to the event; this is to ensure that an adoptable pet has adequate time for vaccinations to come in effective and to make sure that symptoms of parvovirus or distemper haven’t developed after possible exposure in an unknown environment.


All pets must be older than eight weeks of age; all puppies and kittens (and any other mammals requiring vaccinations per local ordinances) must have had a minimum of one set of boosters. It goes without saying that we strongly urge our rescues to severely limit any interactions with other animals, not allow puppies or kittens to drink from communal water bowls (please note that we provide individual recyclable bowls at each water station) or use common pet potty areas. We also recommend limiting such young animals’ exposure to the stimulation of the event, allowing them to spend time in the dedicated quiet area detailed above for every X-minutes spent at your organization's booth space. We also recommend using these guidelines if bringing an elderly pet to the event.


Further, in consideration of the health and welfare of new animal mothers, mammals who’ve recently given birth and are still actively nursing any offspring may not attend the event; not only could the event cause undue stress to such a new mother, but we will not provide a means (albeit unintentional and however unlikely) in which a new mother could potentially introduce a possible contagion to her babies, having been exposed to one at the event.


Pets in heat or “in season” are prohibited from attending the event.


Any pets adopted at the event must be spayed or neutered or, if unaltered, must remain in the rescue group’s care until spay/neuter procedures have been completed. If there are extenuating circumstances related to a specific animal (such as a medical issue), please discuss this with a member of our events team. Spay/neuter adoption deposits or vouchers/certificates cannot be utilized as a substitution for this requirement.


All animals must remain under the complete care and control of their guardian for the duration of the event. Dogs and other applicable pets must be on a fixed lead no longer than six feet in length at all times; “flexi” or flexible leads are expressly prohibited, even if used in a locked position. Any other animals must be in a wagon, stroller, crate, cage, carrier or other means of humane and comfortable secure containment at the event. At no time should any animal be off-lead or out of containment without strict guardian supervision and is only permissible on a case-by-case basis when extenuating circumstances allow (i.e. during a canine agility demonstration).


Additional free space for adoptable animals will be available in the Mega-Adoption Area. Choosing this extra space is always on a first-come, first-serve basis at our events and the space is limited, however, we’ve implemented new steps to make sure that the process for securing the extra space is fair for everyone. Please see our check-in staff during set-up to demarcate your group’s spot in this area; any space must be chalked out and specifically designated for your non-profit by a member of our events team in order to confirm the space. If a member of our events team has not outlined and confirmed your chosen space in this area during check-in, we will not consider the space to be yours. (Please note that this extra space is strictly for adoptable animals to meet and greet potential pet parents and may not be used for rescue group fundraising, items for sale, kissing booths, games, prize giveaways, raffles, etc.)


All rescues - or other non-profits with adoptable pets - must adhere to their current adoption policies at the event. For example, a rescue group which normally requires veterinary references and home visits before approving an adoption application may not alter their policies to allow on-site adoptions just for the event. Based on the location for the expo we must adhere to any laws regarding restriction on pets and animals. As a result some pets will not be allowed to attend the event with any of our exhibitors. Please, check your local regulations and restrictions on pets to find out more.


No animals of any kind can be sold at the show, with the exception of 501c3 rescue-group-based pet adoptions. In addition, we prohibit the promotion, marketing or display of any materials which may advertise - either directly or indirectly - possible animal sales or breeding programs for profit.


Our events prohibit the participation of animal dealers, pet wholesalers, pet breeders, laboratory animal dealers, laboratory animal breeders, animal brokers, animal auction operators, promoters that offer animal prizes, exotic animal dealers, suppliers of animal specimens (whether from animals dead or alive), retail pet stores which sells exotic birds, puppies or kittens, dealers in a non-regulated species, transporters of non-regulated species, roadside zoos, petting zoos, entertainment companies that exploit animals, animal-fighting ventures (whether staged or real), rodeos, circuses which utilize captive animals, shows of non-regulated animals, cosmetic companies that test on animals, travel-related companies which include sport or canned-hunting expeditions as part of their offerings, animal rights groups which utilize illegal actions and violence to further their cause(s), organizations, businesses, members of the media or other groups working in direct opposition to our company platforms (such as educating about and opposing Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) or eliminating and outlawing the use of aversives in animal training or pet behavioral therapy) and other companies or organizations which we feel are in direct contradiction to our mission as a company, and which exploit or abuse animals and undermine the general interests of the local and national animal welfare community. We cannot allow the promotion, marketing, or display of any materials which may advertise - either directly or indirectly - any of the above prohibited types of entities.


Also, in the unlikely event that there were to be a bite or similar issue involving an animal under your care and control, we recommend that you have copies of your certificate of general liability insurance, your business license, proof of non-profit status and federal or state registration (as applicable) available on hand.



All of our rescues will be given information and a form at check-in about participating in our Rescue Pet Parades, which will take place on the Entertainment Stage daily; please check the entertainment schedule for exact times. (Please feel free to use the attached Rescue Pet Parade forms.)


There will also be an adoptable pet introduced to our guests prior to each stage and activity area presentation. Please let our events team know at check-in if you’d like to take advantage of these opportunities as well.


All rescues are invited and urged to participate to introduce your adoptable animals to our Denver Pet Expo guests!


pdfPrint Rescue Pet Parade form




Electricity may be ordered in advance of the expo by completing the electric form in this kit and sending it to Michelle Fite.  Please email the form to You may also call Michelle directly at 314-667-4428. You must provide your own extension cord in order to access the electricity.  Please note extension cords with two prongs will not be permitted at the National Western Complex. All cords must be in nice condition and must have a third prong with a ground. Our staff will tape down any extension cords and electric can be accessed and run from any of the columns in the venue.  Columns are conveniently located near most booth spaces on the floor plan. If you access electric and have not paid for it, you will be fined $150 to be charged on-site. You may order and pay for electric on the day of the event by visiting the Info Booth/Check-In area and ordering through a Pet Expo staff member.


Cost for Electric:

$60 per booth


pdfPrint Electric Order Form



Wi Fi service is available for purchase by logging in to your browser on-site and accessing the National Western Complex pay site.  Wi Fi is available for purchase for $1 per hour and $10 per day for automated Wi Fi service. A DSL or Hardline connection may be purchased through the venue for 150.00 for the event.   You may also bring your own hot-spot device for a stronger connection and service.


No outside food or drink (i.e. food that is not prepared by National Western)

Concession stands will be open for public events during public hours.  There is a concession stand located in the Exhibit Hall, which is accessible via the show floor.

Event participants may not sell or give away food or beverage products in any form unless written authorization is granted by the event coordinator.

All sampling must be pre-approved by National Western management and is subject to the following:

All samples shall be of a single serving size and served by a salesperson or a demonstrator.

Sample sizes will be no greater than bite size, i.e. one ounce or less or fit on a toothpick for food products and 3 ounces for non-alcoholic beverages.


Menu Items for Concessions:



Chicken Fingers

Hot Dogs





Pepsi Products




Merge onto I-70 W

Take exit 275B for CO-265/Brighton Blvd toward Coliseum/Coors Field

Keep left at the fork to continue toward E 46th Ave

Continue on E 46th Ave. Drive to Humboldt St

Continue straight onto E 46th Ave

Parking will be to your right in Lot A unless otherwise directed.


Take exit 214A for I-70 E toward Limon

Use the 2nd from the left lane to continue on Exit 275B, follow signs for CO-265/Brighton Blvd and merge onto I-70 E

Take exit 275B for CO-265/Brighton Blvd

Keep right, follow signs for Coliseum and merge onto E Brighton Blvd

Take 44th St to Humboldt St

Merge onto E Brighton Blvd

Turn right onto 44th St

Parking will be on the left in Lot A unless otherwise directed.


Exhibitors can purchase a 2-day parking pass for $10 at Gate 1 during set up on Friday or on either show days.  Parking passes will permit you to park in Lot K. All exhibitors will park in Lot K and will have in and out privileges.


UBER connects passengers with willing drivers. A passenger calls for a car with a smartphone running the Uber app. An Uber driver is called to the passenger’s location, who then takes the passenger to their destination. No cash is exchanged (payment is taken automatically from the passenger’s debit or credit card) and no tip is required. You can even estimate your fare in advance. For more information, call (866) 576-1039 or download the UBER iPhone /Android App.

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